Profitability of R&D Agents
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This service will help you choose the most profitable R&D agents based on the skills of your character. This page is accessible through InGame browser so it is possible to look up info of the agents and, using "set destination", direct the autopilot to their residence. InGame browser does not support "cookies" therefore the skills of the character and the chosen corporations of the agents cannot be saved.
A - Show ALL the agents of this corporation.
S - To show only agents for whom specified STANDINGS.
N - NEVER show the agents of this corporation.
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Social skills
Standing: Gallente Federation
Roden Shipyards
Duvolle Laboratories
Standing: Thukker Tribe
Thukker Mix
Standing: Caldari State
Kaalakiota Corporation
Ishukone Corporation
Lai Dai Corporation
Standing: Minmatar Republic
Core Complexion Inc.
Boundless Creation
Standing: Amarr Empire
Carthum Conglomerate
Standing: Khanid Kingdom
Khanid Innovation
Standing: Ammatar Mandate
Nefantar Miner Association
Advanced options
Hi sec agents only
Use Connections skill *
Order by:
Datacores skills
Amarrian Starship Engineering
Caldari Starship Engineering
Electromagnetic Physics
Electronic Engineering
Gallentean Starship Engineering
Graviton Physics
High Energy Physics
Hydromagnetic Physics
Laser Physics
Mechanical Engineering
Minmatar Starship Engineering
Molecular Engineering
Nanite Engineering
Nuclear Physics
Plasma Physics
Quantum Physics
Rocket Science

TOP 20 most profitable R&D agents
(change of positions for the period: 2017-08-11 => 2017-08-15)

Position Agent Corporation Station Level Datacores Type Cost Skill Level Datacore / Day ISK / Day** ISK / Month**

* 2009-09-05 Connections skill bonus was removed from all agents who have no personal standings towards the character (all of RnD agents). It is in the patch notes, somewhere. Use this options to calc with old mode (not recommended).
** 2012-10-29 There was some changes that descibed in this devblog:
  1. Profitability of all the R&D Agents was decreased twice
  2. The 10 000 ISK fee was introduced for each datacore
The columns "ISK/day" and "ISK/month" take account of these changes, so the total profit, that is displaying in these columns is decreased by 10 000 ISK per datacore
The profitability of the R&D agents is evaluated among all the agents accessible by your character (based on the skills specified above). Thus, if the 1st agent in the table is ranked 3, it means that there are 2 more profitable agents among the corporations which have not been selected. Recalculation of the ranks is made after the prices are updated on the datacores. The prices are loaded in an automatic mode twice a week through API The floor price of sale orders in Jita is used.
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